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Hi Folks !
How are you and how's life ?!

I've been happily busy !
Some amazing sessions - and conclusions which are quite unusual.

Let's get right into the subject.
And Mothering.
These mere words evoke intense emotions and sentiments.

Someone who loves to the extreme, sacrifices, cares, protects, nurtures, teaches right from wrong, pampers, forgives -
and so on.

Those who have lost her at a young age, or even later, always feel the loss, a vacuum, a sadness, a feeling of guilt for not having had done enough when she was alive.

It's true of Indian sub - continent and I assume many parts of the world.

In these last almost 9 years that I'm taking PLR sessions, there have been some cases where the  'motherliness' was missing in their mothers.
She was partial to other siblings, never hugged/cared/was indifferent/not bothered about any of us children - etc etc.

Let's take some egs -

A lady came to find out why her mother, 2 aunts and a cousin sister had died in a short span of 4 years of cancer, fever, some other ailment.
They were very close to each-other, always finding ways to spend holidays together with the children in tow, but it was their own togetherness which seemed more important to them.
And then, when one had been diagnosed with cancer, the other too developed something a few months later and died and then the other and so on.

She wanted to know if there was a curse on the family, if someone had committed a bad deed in long - ago times.
She saw a past life of these 4 ladies who were female in that life too, were sisters and very close.
There were no parents and they had a very strong bond.
They lived on the edge of the forest with a stream flowing by and lived simply.
Then the war in the neighbourhood descended on them and they were killed.
There had been fear and pain and the thought of loss when they died.
This life time was to be together again and they did not want to be separated.

But what about us, the lady asked, their children whom they left at such a young age - was it not selfish on their part?
She was rather distraught.

In another, a young man was thinking of a divorce but was anxious about the child - a baby just a few months old.
Would his wife allow him to see it ?
Having resolved past issues between them, when I took him ahead, he saw that the baby was given to him and she only kept occasional but good relation with him and the baby.

When he wondered how she could give away the baby so easily, came the answer - the baby was was his own grandmother reincarnated and the wife's task was only to hand over to him and move on.

There have been many such cases and what emerges is a very different picture from what we have convinced ourselves of.

It's all about the agreements we consciously make before we take our present births.

All mothers are not to cut from same cloth, poured from the same mould.
It's all about our own past karmic debts and how we want to resolve them.

Some of us ask for its soul member to be a strict mother, or educated/strong/loving/not demonstrative -
It's what that soul as mother has to learn and teach as it also lives and grows.
Some times they falter, some times we do.

It goes for step mothers too.
A young man saw his step - mom as a gentle step-mother in a previous life,who he had tormented for money and caused her a lot of pain by turning his father against her.
So in this life, it was his own lesson to feel what he made her feel then.
He acknowledged that he'd been bad for no reason and understood that it was wrong to label mothers to our convenience and then blame them.

All of you, and me and everybody on this earth in any form have been mothers - good, excellent, strict, selfish, indifferent -

What comes through is this -
What unfolds in your life is your own karma's fruit.
Ensure that you do not add up bad karma for your next lives.

Stop being judgmental and let her be.

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